FASS Fuel Pump Electric; Fuel Pump Electric 01-10 GM DURAMAX FLOW ENHANCERS DMAX-7001


$ 369.55 


FASS Duramax Flow Enhancer Fuel Pump: The Duramax Flow Enhancer is modeled around our very successful DDRP series and is now available for the GM Duramax. GM Duramax trucks do not have a stock lift pump which forces the injection pump to pull the fuel all the way from the tank, creating a vacuum and constantly introduces more air and vapor into your fuel. The Dura-Max Flow Enhancer creates a postive flow of fuel, pushing it to your injection pump, eliminating vacuum and drastically reducing air and vapor in your fuel.

Maximum Pressure (PSI): 10 Pounds Per Square Inch
Free Flow Rate: 70 Gallon Per Hour
Inlet Quantity: Single
Outlet Quantity: Single
Creates A Positive Flow Of Fuel
Eliminates Vacuum And Drastically Reduces Air And Vapor In Your Fuel
Limited 4 Year Warranty

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